Aluminium and Magnesium Properties That Make Them Perfect for Casting

13 March 2020

Casting is the process of pouring liquid metal into moulds to create parts and other items. Manufacturers use special machines to accomplish this task. Also, they must use the ideal materials to ensure quality results. Two of the materials that a highly suitable for this process today are aluminium and magnesium. Each type of metal brings its unique characteristics to casting products and parts. Reasons That Magnesium Is Used in Casting Magnesium is the lightest weight of the metals. In its natural state, it is a pale silver metal. Also, it is among the top ten most abundant elements not […]

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Uses of Magnesium Alloys

21 February 2020

Nowadays, many manufacturing companies from different industries have been using magnesium alloys on their parts and products since they are lightweight and durable. Magnesium alloys are composed of magnesium and other metal elements such as manganese, aluminium, zinc, silicon, copper, and other metal elements. Among the prominent qualities of magnesium alloys include low specific gravity, high strength-to-weight-ratio, exceptional machinability, and low production cost. Materials out of magnesium alloys also enjoy stiffness, superior impact resistance, high vibration absorption, and highly effective thermal management. The mentioned properties of magnesium alloys make them suitable for different uses and applications across numerous industries around […]

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Understanding Magnesium Alloy Casting

14 February 2020

Manufacturing industries have been performing metal casting to process metal parts and products. Casting utilises the use of a machine that can pour hot liquid metal into a mould or a container. This mould usually has a modified shape so that the metal liquid can take its form and shape. Both the liquid metal and the mould are cooled first before extracting the final metal product or the casting. Characteristics of Magnesium Alloy One of the alloys that can be used in casting is magnesium. Magnesium alloys are comprised of magnesium and other metals such as aluminium, zinc, manganese, silicon, […]

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